On the descent to the Castle, be aware of the most discreet door.

Be surprised when entering, and rest in old Lisbon in the atmosphere of vintage decor with a warm reception. Let our friendly staff welcome and transport the contemporary flavours of Portuguese and Mediterranean cuisine of Bruno Marques, accompanied by our great selection of wines originating from small Portuguese farms.

Situated in deepest Lisbon alongside the architecture of António Costa Lima, Gosta do Castelo will take you back in time, where you can enjoy our collection of books that will invariably impose themselves in the room, and take us through art, philosophy or Religion, making the most silent company at the dinner table. A provocateur found between bewilderment and sobriety, solved by the taste and comfort of good food at the table.

A Place


"Help me serve the tea, cousin ..."

Stood up. In the almost obscurity of the room, which had a violet light - drawn by the stained glass windows where purple lilies bow...

He went among the furniture, offering the cups where he smoked the perfumed tea, which from China brought in slow caravans, by tortuous paths. Her nimble body described tender curves. The noise of the conversations continued ... A flirt at a corner murmured, as if words were on the lips. Paulo, from group to group, a cup in his hand, glad to be something, next to her, had a beatified smile.

He did not even talk that afternoon. They went in and out, hurrying, 'just to hear from you, Clara' -other slothfuls, giving 'rendez-vous' in the elegant and discreet hall, where in the half-light people hardly knew each other, one could be without being seen. And Paul silent on the elbow-chair in a corner, he smiled to himself, looking at Clara's indecisive figure, her blond hair, in the misty room where only the stove beneath the fire shield had a red glow.
(Henrique de Vasconcelos)

"Talking about food is almost always about longing, it's about feeling the nostalgic caress of a souvenir, near or far, gone, but lived in. Food also fits in the future as hope of a good moment, food has a taste of time"


Average price per person - 18€

Scrambled eggs
Edam cheese
Aspargus with cherry tomatoes
Smoked salmon
Dry fruits and goji berries
Natural Orange juice
Hot drink
Slice of cake

Snack and bar

To start:
Pate of the day and butter
To satisfy your hunger
Toast with cured ham and Serra Cheese
Smoked sakmon and avocado sandwich
Carpaccio with rocket
Quinoa with marinated vegetables
Chicken burger on traditional Madeira bread
Scrambled eggs with Mirandela sausage
To finish
Portuguese cheese board
Chocolate cake
Ice Cream


To make a reservation, please contact us by phone to guarantee your place.

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